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Digital Code Stack

Digital Code Stack


Volume 1 

  • 40 flashcards
  • HTML terms and definitions 


Coding is the method of communicating with a computer. It is using a language that a computer understands to give a computer instructions in order to perform specific functions. Coding allows us to create things such as computer software, websites, apps, and video games.


There are different programming languages, depending on what you want to develop. They each have their own set of rules. But basically, coding is giving instructions to a computer in order to produce a desired outcome.



Getting your child involved in programming could be a great way to develop their team-building and communication skills — and having well-tuned communication skills empowers children to navigate social environments, collaborate with others, perform well academically, and achieve their goals.


7 reasons why your child should learn how to code: 

  1. Coding nurtures creativity
  2. Coding boosts problem-solving skills
  3. Coding makes math more fun and engaging
  4. Coding encourages persistence
  5. Coding helps teach digital literacy
  6. Coding is a career-building skill
  7. Coding improves confidence and communication skills


Coding Career Paths: 

  • Web Developer
  • Front-End Developer or Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Game Designer 
  • App Designer 
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Computer Software Instructor/Professor 
  • + more


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